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The Manager Have To Sell And Here’s Why

This was a private meeting. My lady said we will have a coffee with her friend Nina and her husband David at their hotel as they are only visiting London for a couple of days. Tomorrow they are leaving for the Emirates. I was obviously curious to know, how the Emirates is different in terms of corporate culture.

The wages differ depending on your nationality and gender, however, the gap between the wages got my attention as it was blatantly significant.

David, a senior manager and foreigner had the same wages as his local associate Teresa. This wasn’t bothering him as much as fact that Teresa was uncontrollable and often worked against him.

The Conversation

— She is a true specialist at what she does, she just does the wrong thing! And sometimes it undermines the whole team effort.

— Have you spoken to her about it?

— Sure I did. She said that the previous manager was better than I. They were getting along well with each other, she liked him and respected him. But when it comes to us, it simply does not click.

— Wow, what great feedback, and what did you do?

— Great feedback!? I just shrugged and said, “it is what it is.” He sighs heavily.

— Well, you have missed a chance for a new beginning. Do you want to know how you could handle this conversation to achieve a positive outcome?

Then I went on and explained the communication pyramid.

But When I Asked What Skills He Needed To Use In This Situation He Was Bewildered

manager have to sell

— You need to sell yourself to her. Explain that you care about this relationship and due to her professional approach to work, you want her to be working closely with you. Ask some questions about the previous manager; how was he different, what was so compelling about him and why she liked him so much. Most likely she will open and give you x,y,z, reasons. Then all you have to do is ask the final question: If I possessed x,y,z, do you think we could get along well with each other?

— That makes sense! But what if she says no?

— Then you simply continue the conversation to uncover the rest of the reasons. If I explained a bit more about that process would you like to try some role-playing?

— He laughed from the bottom of his heart. Let’s do it!

We continued the conversation and polished more sales skills.

By the way, the coffee was great too.


It is imperative you know how to sell if you want your team building process to be a success. You will surely have some tension and the ability to handle it like a pro is a sign of aware, focused and motivated leadership.

Martin May

Managing Director at Intelligent and Lazy Management Consulting. Coach, trainer, blogger. "How we say it is more important than what we say"

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