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Never again waste your time to learn something you will never need

Are you new to self-development and don't know where to start? Or, do you feel like going in circles?  

Or maybe you want to have an additional insight into self-development? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this course is for you!

There is this notion that you suppose to be ever evolving, constantly making progress, never stopping to learn individual. And I agree with it, however, there is one major issue. Unless you can make a practical use of your knowledge learning doesn't make sense. 

You would be better off  just doing nothing and enjoying simple pleasures of life, and I mean that!​​​ Therefore, knowing what do you need for and how you are going to apply what you've learned is crucial. And this is where most people get this wrong! 

Hamsters Spinning

Spinning around in circles can be very frustrating to yourself and to people around you. Not to mention that it's a waste of precious time. Unless you are a hamster!

Introduction to self-development

Our course is designed to give you know-how and tools to create you very own learning plan. It will give you clarity about your goal and the steps you need to take to achieve it. 

It's FREE of charge!  However, this offer will not last forever. 

It's FREE of charge!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

After the registration you will obtain immediate access to the course and all of the benefits that comes with it. There is no specific time needed to complete the course, however, we estimate between 4-6 weeks are needed to fully grasp presented ideas. 


Before you start your first lesson you will gain the access to printable workbook which will make your learning easier. 

Video lessons

Access to 9 video lessons designed to explain presented topics in a clear and concise manner. 

Home work

The course is action orientated which means that during, or after each lesson there will be something for you to do. 

Ask questions

There is a special section under each lesson for you to comment, discuss or ask questions.


What’s in the course


Module 1: Goal Setting

This module is all about your goal and it contains 3 lessons:

  1. If you want to do something, you will find a way
  2. A few more tips
  3. Formulating you goal statement

By the end of this module you will be aware of the goal setting pitfalls, and, what's more important, you will a goal statement that will be truly yours!


Module 2: Self-development Process

Module 2 is all about the process of self- development and it's also contains 3 lessons:

  1. Skill development process
  2. Self-Awareness
  3. Values

In this module you will learn a great deal about yourself which will allow you to make better judgments about your current situation and adopt more adequate methods to be successful. 


Module 3: Learning Approach

This module explains the basics of learning and provides extremely useful strategies for effective learning.

  1.  Sleep and physical activity
  2. 70-20-10 Model
  3. Getting on with tasks

You will learn why sleep is imperative to effective learning and how to combine available resources to make it all work for you. This is the most practical module of all.


You'll be delighted to find out about our Bonuses!

Bonus 1
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You will have the chance to buy our online coaching sessions at a 50% of the regular price.

*Applies only to the first 3 sessions

Bonus 2
Exclusive offers

As our subscriber you will be informed about offers not advertised anywhere else. That might be an access to our courses or events at a massively discounted rate.

Bonus 3

There will be a special webinar to answer the most frequent questions. And even if you won't be able to attend, you'll still have the access to the recording.  

About The Course Teacher,
Martin May

Martin changes businesses and organisations by teaching effective communication skills in the areas of public speaking, salesmanship, team building, team management, time management,  change management and non-financial motivation. He worked with companies like Dornan Engineering, Infosys, Ford and more. 

Apart from teaching others he likes to spend his time on meditation, martial arts and a good book.

Martin May
Introduction to self-development


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Course Enrollments close on November 27th 2019