Only a True Leader & Manager

Can Score 80% in This Matryoshka Test of Interpersonal Skills

If you want to improve your interpersonal skills, recognizing weak spots in your game is crucial. Otherwise, you may be wasting your efforts 100%, no matter what book or course you try to follow.

This questionnaire measures five key types of interpersonal skills: communication, sales, negotiation, management and leadership.

30 Questions

You will be provided with a list of 30 statements

15 Minutes

It should take about 15 minutes to go through and answer the statements

Your Results

Once the test is completed you will see your results

Answer Honestly

To find out by how much you can improve your game, it is important to describe yourself as you are at present, not as you wish to be. Please indicate for each statement whether it is "Very Inaccurate", "Moderately Inaccurate", "Neither Accurate or Inaccurate", "Moderately Accurate" or "Very Accurate". 

Please answer all the questions as skipping will lower your overall score.

Start When You're Ready:

Who Am I?

“Hi, my name is Martin. I teach businesses and individuals how to increase sales, build winning teams and create an organizational culture that people want to be a part of”.

Martin May

Martin May

Martin May


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