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The Matryoshka of Interpersonal Skills
This idea was inspired by psychologist Dr. Darius Tarczynski who once said, “You won’t be a good manager if you[...]
Still looking for self-confidence? Forget about it
I often experience a lack of self-confidence. Even now, when I’m writing these words, the mixture of hesitation and anxiety[...]
Communication Means Sharing
Most of us, if not all, know HOW important communication skills are. By being a master communicator you can increase[...]
4 Elements Of Intrinsic Motivation
I am a big fan of intrinsic motivation simply because it’s embedded into human nature. It’s like a flame that[...]
The Power Of Authority And Why Not To Use It
My 6-year-old girl is a baby boss and from the moment she started to desire she gained the first managerial[...]
Screw Positive Thinking
Positive thinking is the ability to create and sustain an uplifting emotional state within yourself by thinking about the sweetest[...]
Intelligent Lazy: Made For The Highest Command
I think the best way to explain this concept is by telling you how I became passionate about it.A few[...]
No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent
In one of my recent posts “You Are The Average Of The Five” I committed a blunder. I took an[...]
You Are The Average Of The Five
The well-known yet little-understood quote by Jim Rohn “You are the average of the five people you spend the most[...]
The Flow Of Information
This time I was hired to conduct a team building training at a reputable car dealership. I go in early[...]
Lean Management Goes Wrong
I recently had an assignment on employee engagement training for junior and senior level executives in the 10B dollars organisation.[...]
The Manager Have To Sell And Here’s Why
This was a private meeting. My lady said we will have a coffee with her friend Nina and her husband[...]
My Less Important Subordinate
It is important how we think about our colleagues, especially when we are spending with each other 1/3 of our[...]
Why Work-Life Balance Is a Myth
The concept of a work-life balance has been around long enough to become a standard measure of our happiness. We[...]