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Consultative Selling Approach

Uncover your clients subconscious motivations and make more sales without being pushy

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Hello, my name is Martin.

 I started my first job in 1999 as an assistant to a regional sales reps in a clothes company. Five years later, I followed the call of my entrepreneurial nature and opened my own clothes shop. Since then I've sold wine, industrial lighting, discounts cards and building services. I worked in a call centre and run a car garage. The reason why I was able to successfully switch between products and services is that I'm genuinely focused on the client. And limited product knowledge was never a problem as I learned on the go!

 My secret is Consultative Selling Skills combined with non-intrusive Psychoanalysis that helps to uncover clients subconscious motivations. If you want to know more, or to discuss your requirements book an initial online consultation.

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Martin dived into our sales and customer communication processes and created a bespoke learning plan. He literally transformed the way we interact with our prospects and customers. I only wish I could have meet him 3 years earlier!

Anna Piaseczna

Anna Piaseczna, Educator at Free Mind of Child

In-House Consultative Selling Training

I teach Consultative Selling Skills to individuals, SMEs and large enterprises. Nearly 20 years of hands-on-sales experience plus 4 years of training and coaching makes me highly effective. My training programme includes but is not limited to:

  • Making a contact
  • Active listening
  • Asking non-intrusive questions
  • Assertiveness
  • Encouraging using benefits
  • Dealing with a difficult client
  • Elements of non-invasive psychoanalysis

I'm not saying that after my training you will be able to read your clients mind. I'm saying that you won't have to because they will tell more than you need to know.  

If you have a team or group of people you would like to train with Consultative Selling then click the button below to discuss your requirements.  

public speaking coach

Thanks to Martin we realised how many sales we’ve lost so far and we used that as our motivation for learning. Now when I'm selling I often catch myself thinking "What would Martin say". I highly recommend Intelligent & Lazy to anyone wanting to improve their business performance. 

justyna herman

Justyna Herman

Educator at Free Mind of Child

Martin conducted highly engaging salesmanship workshop
which was an eye opener to me and my team. After the workshop my team started to work together and our sales increased. I can confidently recommend Martin as a solid supplier and expert in his field.

krzysztof chowaniec

Krzysztof Chowaniec

Marketing & Sales Director at Cooltura

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