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Blue Ocean Leadership

This book of nearly 50 pages, Blue Ocean Leadership, is the perfect read for all Intelligent Lazy type of leaders. It doesn't contain any needless phrases which often inflate the size without adding value. Though, that might be the way to justify the price. Instead, it contains the essence you can use as your foundation for change. It's also a great tool if you seek to increase employee engagement.

The Problem With Engagement

You probably know from experience that people have a problem with engagement. But before we look at the others let’s look at ourselves first. We don’t just walk, that’s too simple: we think about stuff when walking. We don’t just eat as eating itself isn't enough: we talk about people, events or ideas. And we never do one thing, we can do more: we are proud to be multitasking. As a result, we get to our destination, we fill our bellies, and we take action being completely disengaged and unconscious. No wonder this approach is spreading to our professional activities.

According to Gallup’s 2013 State of Global Workplace study, only 14% of employees in Western European countries are actively engaged at work. The bulk of employees, 66%, aren’t engaged and are less likely to put additional effort when the boss isn’t looking. Furthermore, the 20% are actively disengaged which essentially means they will have a negative impact on the overall performance, often undermining the effort of the whole team and your leadership position. That is the truth and it doesn’t matter whether it’s sad or bad. Accept it and then change it but, do you want to?

All It Takes Is One Hour In The Park

blue ocean leadership

4 Steps

Eliminate – What acts and activities do leaders invest their time and intelligence in that should be eliminated?

Reduce – What acts and activities do leaders invest their time and intelligence in that should be reduced well below their current level?

Raise – What acts and activities do leaders invest their time and intelligence in that should be raised well above their current level?

Create – What acts and activities should leaders invest their time and intelligence in that they currently don’t undertake?

Before you get on with the process you need to run some interviews. The first step is the reality check so you need to ask your customers—your bosses and followers—how they currently experience your leadership.  Based on this short research you create your “as-is”  leadership profile and at this point, you start an open conversation.

Next, you develop an alternative “to-be” leadership profile. Usually, your customers will be eager to explore the possibilities and will produce a couple of desired leadership models.

Furthermore, you get the desired leadership models and surrender them to your customer's votes. All that is left is the implementation. You should act accordingly to your new model as not only your boss but also the crew have taken part in creating it, therefore, they are equally responsible. They haven’t approved your new idea, it’s their idea that you've approved. That’s a big difference.


Low engagement can be saddening but it shows the untapped potential that’s hidden in every one of us. I don’t know about you, but I prefer hope over sadness and action over torpidity. And this book brings the simple, intelligent and realistic approach to change your leadership. 

Martin May

Managing Director at Intelligent and Lazy Management Consulting. Coach, trainer, blogger. "How we say it is more important than what we say"

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