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Martin May

"We frequently underestimate the power of interpersonal skills. The power of our appearance, body language, voice, words and structure of utterance. If these untapped resources were implemented consciously, Managers and Leaders would reach new heights and derive far more pleasure from everyday activities."

Martin May - Trainer, Management Consultant, Business Coach and Managing Director at Intelligent and Lazy Management Consulting.

Martin gained his experience working at a clothes company as a sales advisor, having responsibility for regional sales representatives. Then, at the age of 23, he started his first business, a clothes shop. The operation was a failure, but a very important one as after that Martin worked at a telemarketing agency, ran a car garage and imported wine from Hungary. He finally found his place in personal development bringing his sales, business development, management and leadership experience with him.  

Apart from countless open workshops and speaking gigs, Martin changes businesses and organisations by teaching effective communication skills in the areas of public speaking, salesmanship, team building, team management, time management,  change management and non-financial motivation.