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Introduction to self-development

Your path to effective self-development starts here Learn how to create or change your learning programme to obtain tangible results! Enroll Now Course Enrollments close on November 27th 2019 65 Days 06 Hours 39 Minutes 26 Seconds Never again waste your time to learn something you will never needAre you new to self-development and don’t know […]

The Matryoshka of Interpersonal Skills

the matryoshka of interpersonal skills

This idea was inspired by psychologist Dr. Darius Tarczynski who once said, “You won’t be a good manager if you can’t negotiate and you won’t be a good negotiator if you can’t sell”1. It became obvious to me that you also can’t be a good salesman if you’re a poor communicator. And if you’re a […]


Management ConsultingWe dedicate this website to Managers and Leaders who are seeking to master effective communication skills “We frequently underestimate the power of interpersonal skills. The power of our appearance, body language, voice, words and structure of utterance. If these untapped resources were implemented consciously, Managers and Leaders would reach new heights and derive far […]

Consultative Selling Skills

Consultative Selling ApproachUncover your clients subconscious motivations and make more sales without being pushy Hire a Consultative Selling Coach Hello, my name is Martin. I started my first job in 1999 as an assistant to a regional sales reps in a clothes company. Five years later, I followed the call of my entrepreneurial nature and opened […]