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4 Steps To Inspire Growth

The moment you begin to manage or lead a group of people you’ve become a teacher. You can be an inspiration, agitation or simply fall into the forgive and forget category. It’s your choice.

Like the proper Intelligent and Lazy, you want to be an inspiration. That makes life easier for people as they all want to grow. And it makes life easier for you as they will be more committed to what they do.

This article is a continuation of Screw Positive Thinking in which I’ve reasoned why you should do exactly that. So having this in mind I’ll illustrate how can you facilitate and inspire personal development according to Rosenthal’s conclusions. If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you do it now.

These are the four factors that teachers approached differently for their special pupils in Rosenthal’s study.  

1. Create a Warm Climate

You need to be verbally and non-verbally polite, welcoming and respectful.

When you enter your playground – my reference for the workplace – say good morning to everyone. But say it and mean it, for Christ sake! If you feel like it’s not your day, simply say hello; but never lie as your body language or the tone of your voice will show.

That what’s being polite really is and it applies to all communication. You don’t have to whisper magic to people’s ears or pretend that everything is OK when it’s not.

­Is there anything you need from me? That’s one of my favourite questions. Asking this at the end of all conversations will send a clear message about your readiness to serve and support. Your crew will feel respected.

Show genuine initial interest whenever you’re being approached with any kind of matters. Regardless how trivial they seem to be, they might be critical for your crew. Because their matters are your matters and that’s being welcoming.

All of the above makes your crew feel safe.

2. Increase Your Input

inspire growth

Always add a few words of explanation. When people understand better what they do they claim an ownership over the task and thus feel more responsible for it. Consequently, they will increase their input and achieve better results.

3. Create Response Opportunity

Be willing to listen and give your crew members more time to formulate their opinions.

Shutting or interrupting too early makes people feel dismissed. As a result, they will avoid speaking about their ideas, because, what’s the point if you are not listening?

Shape the answer with your crew. Be insightful and give direction but never say what it should be. Create the impression that you have come to the conclusion together.  

4. Give Precise Feedback

The importance of precise and accurate feedback is surely underestimated. Literally, whenever training I need to go through this exercise and explain why and how to do it.

Read How To Give Effective Feedback to gain some clarity on the subject.

These are the four practices you can immediately equip your communication toolbox with. Think of it as the nutritional soil in which the seeds of curiosity and longing for knowledge can grow.

You can, and you should also inspire your crew to do the same among each other. The steps to facilitate and inspire growth are the most effective when they become a part of your playground culture.


Rosenthal's study shows that everyone can grow as long as you provide friendly, knowledgeable, receptive and supportive environment. Therefore, when you interact with your team think about their personal development and behave accordingly.

Martin May

Managing Director at Intelligent and Lazy Management Consulting. Coach, trainer, blogger. "How we say it is more important than what we say"

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